Pre-Admission / Admission

We present an admission process which is simple and hassle free with a well detailed and self-explanatory online application form. The highlights of the form are:

  • Helps assimilate clear particulars about the student and his parents/ Guardian

  • Provision to upload mandatory documents (Birth certificate, address proof etc…) by the parent.

  • Facilitates easy and quick selection process of the applications within built admission criteria which can be customised as per the institution’s requirements.

  • View and track the status of an application with a touch of a button.

  • Selected candidates can be called for interview/ entrance exam through sms/ Email.

Calendar / Announcement

This feature enables timely communication. Announcements can be posted conveniently and an immediate notification is sent to the parent through our mobile app Ace connect.

  • General announcements: It is extremely useful to intimate holidays declared due to unforeseen weather conditions

  • Student Achievement: Students achievement inside and outside the institutions are highlighted. This shall motivate the students to streamline their efforts towards their goals

  • Institution’s achievements: The institution’s victories in various fields like sports, Quiz, cultural events and other competitions can be updated. This shall enhance the image and goodwill of the institution in the society

Attendance / Non-Attendance

This easy to use attendance maintenance feature saves time and effort and provides comprehensive and accurate information.

  • Faculty can maintain and view attendance history of their class pupils. They can view and approve Leave request from parents. In addition, yearly or monthly reports can be made.

  • If the leave has to be availed due to unforeseen circumstances the parent may sent a notification to the class in charge stating the reason on the day of absence.

  • If a student is absent without submitting leave request, a notification can be send and parents will be aware of their wards’ absence through our mobile app.

  • Parents can view the Attendance history of their ward.

Timetable management

  • With Ace classroom, you can save enormous amount of productive time by simply creating a timetable at the beginning of the academic.

  • The software then helps to generate teacher’s timetable and class room timetable at the touch of a button.

  • Any changes necessary during the academic year can made easily.


  • This aspect allows you to create exam schedules for the academic year

  • Generate exam roll number for pupils

  • The built-in infrastructure management element allows you to ascertain the number of rooms available and assign students to exam halls

  • Assign invigilators to exam halls

  • Exam Attendance feature helps mark class wise attendance by the invigilator

  • Faculty can use their login to enter marks of the evaluated tests and also generate Progress report


AceClassRoom brings to you never before components which will strength the communication process in your organisation. The key components are:

  • Ace connect app

  • Event calendar

  • Announcements

  • Attendance

  • Homework

  • Faculty- parent communication

  • Admin- class in-charge communication

  • Student Query

Online Test

AceClassRoom provides you the option to create a structure to conduct online exams for students.

Homework / Assignment

  • Faculty can login and can upload homework or details about project work along with submission dates. This ensures clear understanding of the work to be done by the student.

  • Parents get instant notification through our mobile App- Ace connect, which ensures timely completion of the work assigned.

Faculty - Parent communication

  • A class in charge can communicate to the parent, any information in the best interest of the student that cannot wait until the next parent faculty meeting

  • Once the communication is sent the parent gets a notification through our mobile app Ace connect

  • This helps parents to take necessary action and help their ward progress in an effective manner

Student query

  • AceClassRoom enables students to clarify doubts with their faculty using their login

  • This shall be useful especially for students to clarify doubts then and there

  • The faculty can view the query and send a reply thereby helping students prepare well

Faculty Portal

  • As a class in-charge, he/she can maintain and view student profile

  • Mark, maintain and view attendance history of class pupils

  • View and approve Leave request from parents

  • Upload homework or details about project work along with submission dates. This ensures clear understanding of the work to be done by the student

  • Enter marks and remarks for test held

  • Generate progress report and compare previous performances

  • In addition, yearly or monthly reports can be made

Human Resource

This feature helps in the management of all the staff of the institution including the teaching staff.

  • Easily add new employees and manage existing employees

  • Manage employee attendance record

  • Approve employee leave request

  • Categorize employees by departments and positions

  • Helps keep track of qualifications, experience, salary, performance, attendance, notes on behaviour ,contact details and much more

  • Replacement can also be made when a teacher is on leave

  • Extensive and dynamic reporting

Parent / Guardian Portal

Upon admission the parent gets a user Id to login into AceClassRoom. They can view the following details regarding their ward.

  • Announcements

  • Attendance of their ward

  • Timetable

  • Homework

  • Send leave request and view the status

  • Fees particulars of their ward

Student Portal

AceClassRoom provides students with a login to view

  • Announcements

  • Attendance of their ward

  • Timetable

  • Homework

  • Send query to faculty

  • View reply sent by them

Custom Student Remarks

  • This feature allows the class in-charge to record remarks about a student regarding academic or disciplinary issues

  • This feature allows the faculty to communicate with a parent through mail, any detail in the best interest of the student which cannot wait until the next parent faculty meeting

Report center

Generate all kinds of reports about students, employees, courses, exams and fee schedules in the form of excel and PDF format. Get meaning out of your data with a one click downloadable reports.


Route maps, tariff according to distance, boarding points, and student allocation as well as bus timings can be created. This feature ensures the safety as well as the efficiency of your transportation system.


This aspect helps to manage room allocation, hostel fees collection, assign warden in charge and generate comprehensive reports.


Integrated with barcode scanning functionality, you can now efficiently manage and track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloguing of books to maintaining records of books issued, returned and overdue. A notification can be sent to the students who have not returned book within the due date.

Health care Manager

This feature helps in maintaining the student’s health record. The form is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the medical history of the student and can be accessed immediately in case of emergencies. It also saves time, paper and enormous amount of written work during the annual medical check- up.

Extra curricular module

The institution can keep track of all the extra- curricular activities of the students like NCC, Scouts and guides, sports activities and participation in competitions and festivals. The Physical director can keep track with the points of the competitive groups the institution divides their students into.

Community Web portal

This portal helps in integrating institution’s announcements between AceClassRoom and the Institution’s website.

Payment Gateway

We would be glad to assist you in creating a payment gateway to ensure hassle free fee collection process. (This is an option to be exercised by the institution’s management).


All of the AceClassRoom modules and features are customisable with unique requirements of your institution.

Interactive Dashboard

With our simple yet elegant dashboard design, you would feel easier to recognize key features and experience and navigate conveniently. Classified sections on each and every feature add more transparency to academic administration.


AceClassRoom is responsive across a wide range of devices such as desktop, laptop, mobile phone and operating systems like Android, ios and windows.

Applications in Synchronization


The most salient features of AceClassRoom are available in the mobile app –Ace connect. To keep pace with the transforming technology, we have taken great care in ensuring AceClassRoom’s compatibility with the most modern gadgets that governs present day life style. Our smart phone design provides access to pertinent information previously unavailable at the touch of a button.

Instant Notifications


Non-Attendance of their ward

Monthly attendance chart

Homework / Assignments

Send leave request and view the status

Fees particulars of their ward


Ace smart watch, a tiny and colorful wearable watch enables precise tracking of the whereabouts of the children in real time and school management /parents can even set up alerts if the child leaves the school safezone.

Track your child

Monitor your kid's movement

View 48 hour log history

Effective time management

Estimate arrival time of your child